Friday, July 31, 2009

Tom Baker to return as the Fourth Doctor


From the BBC Doctor Who page

Tom Baker is returning as the Fourth Doctor in a series of audio adventures known collectively as Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest. His co-stars include Rula Lenska, Stephen Thorne and Michael Maloney. Richard Franklin is also onboard, reprising his role of Mike Yates who viewers last saw in 1974's Planet of the Spiders, the first story to feature Tom Baker as the Doctor.

Tom travelled in the TARDIS for 7 years before handing over to Peter Davison in Logopolis and although he has made brief appearances in The Five Doctors, flashbacks and a charity special, these are the first 'full' dramas which feature the Fourth Doctor since 1981.

Paul Magrs, who wrote all five of The Hornets' Nest adventures, commented, 'It feels fantastic to write for him. I would say he's a brilliant mixture of everything the Fourth Doctor ever was. He's dark and sombre at times; other times he's gleefully macabre and mischievous.'

The individual stories which make up the quintet are entitled The Stuff of Nightmares, The Dead Shoes, The Circus of Doom, A Sting in the Tale and Hive of Horror and they will be available on CD and as download from September 2009.

We'll be bringing you more details and some clips soon, but in the meantime we have a gallery which includes shots taken at the cast recording.


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