Friday, January 9, 2009


Just how much are your friends worth to you? Are they worth a million dollars? How about a thousand?

How about a hamburger?

The new Whopper Sacrifice application, available on Facebook, lets users exchange their friends for Whopper hamburgers. Basically, users cull through their lists of friends, picking out names that they don't recognize, people they are no longer in contact with, or relationships that have soured. They can then "excommunicate" their friends. For every ten friends that they banish, they get a coupon for a free Whopper.

The friends, on the other hand, get a notification stating that the user cares more about a Whopper than he or she cares about them. Unlike many Facebook applications, the burgers are real; moreover, unlike standard friendship dissolutions on the site, these are very open, very obvious, and sort of harsh.

This is probably the meanest thing that I've heard of in a long time, and it strikes me as completely morally repulsive. On the other hand, I've managed to pick up a lot of Facebook "friends" that I really don't recognize, and the siren song of the Burger King down the street is hard to ignore...


Thats... actually a clever advertising gimmick