Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hitchhikers Guide To The ... Daleks?


Two of the greats of British Sci fi get mashed together in this video by Andrew Orton

No seriously, Just Stay Away...

Its not easy being green... or Gallifreyan

This Doctor Who/Muppets mash up come from Deviantart user mimi-na

Could have gone another way an made it Tom Beaker as the Fourth Doctor

Does that make Miss Piggy Rani??

Quantum Who


This week I've given the who spoilers a rest.

So i need something new for my who....

I may have posted this before, but its well worth a repost

You know, I'm really liking this new season of Doctor who, but i REALLY miss David Tennant as The Doctor... He just WAS the Doctor as far as I'm concerned.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

This film looks like its gonna be a BALL OF FUN!!

Film based on a comic full of gaming references... whats not to love about this?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Pandorica Opens *Spoilers* MK2

Just a few more of the leaked spoiler photos, with added pointing out at things to a picture we may all have seen last week

And now the big picture with extra looking required

Whats that in the background?
Oh it appears to be an open pandorica that the Doctor is been dragged towards.

The Pandorica Opens *Spoilers*


The BBC have put a clip from the new episode up on the official Dr Who site, which sucks unless you live in the UK as its not available to us here in Ireland... luckly thats why we have youtube.


I think i did a little wee of excitment

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doctor Who Spoilers

These are a few pics that have been going round the net today.

If you dont want to see spoilers... dont look at the photos

Monday, June 14, 2010

Is that a banana in your pants?


Australian underwear company AussieBum has been monkeying around and the result is a range of men’s underwear made with bananas.

AussieBum’s Lloyd Jones said on Friday that the new eco-friendly banana range of undies incorporated 27 percent banana fibre, 64 percent cotton and nine percent lycra.

He said the banana fibre used in the underwear was made from a bark weave from the banana plant, which made the underwear not only lightweight but also very absorbent.

They are available here in Hipster & Brief

What... no banana hammocks?

*Insert your innunedo about bananas and possibly even a spanking the monkey reference here*

Not exactly a new news item, but one I forgot to post

Misery Bear Goes To The World Cup


I LOOOOOOOOOOVVE Misery Bear (no smart remarks from certain people, I know what your thinking)
Misery Bear is the brainchild of Chris Hayward and Nat Saunders. Whose previous credits include being writers for TV shows like ‘Smack the Pony’ and ‘Big Train’(Two of my fave British comedy shows)

I cant help but feel that the ending of Saturdays game spliced in at the end would have been as equal a misery for the little bear.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Winnie The Pooh Vs Jungle Book

Did you know the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and the Hundred Acre woods are the same place?

Well, Disney seem to think they do, as they appear to have striking similarities in these 2 scene.

Granted the stream has dried up, but global warming can do that to a place



80stees have this kick ass hoodie for sale at the moment, I want it... simple as.

Watching TNMT was a huge part of my childhood, and it was through them that I discovered my love for pizza.... no seriously I never had a pizza till I'd watched this show.

Anyone find me a more awesome piece of TNMT merchandise and.... well I'll probably want to buy that also





Krang: All I know is that I've stumbled onto something truley evil, my horoscope said this would be my lucky day!

Hacking a computer in a movie

Hacking a computer in the movies is always an "epic" event, one that would seem alot easier if they could just get that one more minute the need.

However in real life it seems to be people getting your facebook account and announcing that you now "love the cock"

I can see why fantasy is more entertaining than real life

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disney Vs Porn

Is it funny cause its true, or true cause its funny?

I want a prince charming that's also an insatiable whore.... hey, a guy can dream.

Unfortunate Photo

Not really a lot you can say about this is there?