Thursday, February 10, 2011

X-Men First Class Trailer


1st impressions? This is 100% awesomeness. It might even erased the bad taste left over from X-Men3

This movie has now climbed to the top of my have to see comic book inspired film list of 2011

Doctor Who Building Bricks


A few months ago I said I'd love to see a Doctor Who lego set. Its seems im now getting my wish.. sort of.

These images were taken at the London toy fair 2 weeks ago and i have to say... they look kinda fun, a sort of Playmobil and Lego look to the characters.

The packaging on the boxes say "compatiable" but it doesn't say what to... I'm gonna assume the mean to other lego sets....

Perfect toy for the younger Doctor Who fans out there. I'll stick to my 5" figures... I mean... its not my sort of thing at all....

More photos of the sets can be seen at

Putting The PLAYA in Cosplay

Sometimes being a sci-fi nerd pays off.

Doctor Who TShirt Of The Day


T-shirt is available from riptapparel designed by "theothermike"

I really like this T-shirt... but I think i'd prefer it without the DONT BLINK text.. that and the Tardis is a weird shape/size....[/nitpicking fanboy]

Doctor Who Meets Star Trek


Ahem... sorry.

The piece above was created by Mike Mayhew (pencils) and Rain Beredo (colors) and is for a forthcoming issue of Wizard magazine.

Its pretty fecking epic... now can any nerd fanboys spot the mistakes*?

Mike Mayhew's penciled version can be found here

*Daleks teaming up with cybermen, Romulans and Klingons is not one of them

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ozzy Meets Justin Bieber


Lord I never thought I'd type that headline. Anyway continuing on from my previous Super Bowl post, here is the extended version of the Best Buy advert that was shown last night featuring Ozzy and some douche without pubes.

It was a so so advert until we got to the payoff punchline:
"What the fuck is a Bieber? I don’t know, kinda looks like a girl."

Superbowl Super Bowl XLV Movie Trailers


For some like myself the Super bowl means just one thing. 1st glimpses of the big movies that are coming out this summer.
Sure there is slight more to the Super bowl than just that, but I'm not arsed about the game and I think everyone has bitched about how shit the Black Eyed Peas were already.

So here is the important shit:

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Remember how I thought this film was gonna be as shit as Revenge Of The Fallen in my list of Nerdy and Geeky things to look forward to in 2011 ?(Yes cheap plug to make you go back and read that post) Well, I still think this film is gonna suck balls, but i am VERY impressed with this trailer, certainly looks a lot "darker" than previous outings. I do feel that Michael Bay watched the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles and decided that was the way to go with his trailer.

: Los Angeles

Speaking of Battle: Los Angles, here its the trailer for it. Looking to be a cross between District and Skylight (Christ that movie sucked SOOOO badly) this is this years big alien invasion film.
As long as it doesn't make me want to claw out my eyeballs the way Skylight did, then this will be an enjoyable sci fi movie.


Ok, This trailer seems to just be a rehash of the previous trailer and has little in the way of new scenes. Still looking forward to Thor as i like the character in the comics. One thing that is niggling at me is i kinda expect Thors accent to be a bit more... "Nordic" Now I'm not expecting him to sound like Skwisgaar Skwigelf but... just a little norse sounding would be nice... Verily

Super 8

Ok... This was kinda of a surprise, I was expecting something along the lines of Cloverfield, Instead we get a Steven Spielberg movie... from the 80's. Even the music sounds like it was lifted from Flight Of The Navigator. Still looks like a good movie... Just not as sure about it now as i was before seeing this trailer. I hope there is still a hidden monster movie in all of this, not an homage to Spielberg kids movies of the 80's

Cowboys & Aliens

This trailer really did nothing to build any excitement about this film. I almost considered not including it in this blog post. Seems like a waste of a 30 second tv spot.The original trailer had a lot more going on, must try harder.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Another Super Bowl advert that failed to live up to its hype, Everything from the 1st trailer squeezed in to 30 seconds with a fast paced piece of music to give the suggestion of "epic". Piss poor effort, failing grade.

Captain America: 1st Avenger

Ohhhhh Shiney. The 1st proper look at this movie, gotta say I like it. Chris Evans pre super serum Steve Rogers looks very scrawny and his Cpt America looks nicely buff. We get very little indication of plot from this, but we know its an origin story and we get to see the 1st look of the Red Skulls .... red skull. As I said before this movie is the lead in prequel/set up to The Avengers movie so I'm hoping it doesn't suck monkey nuts.

Now there were a few other movie trailers besides the above listed, but I really have zero interest in them, but in case you want to see them, here are the links.

Fast Five (Fast And The Furious 5)
Kung Fu Panda 2
Drive Angry

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Trek: Next Generation XXX Parody

Porn parody's seem to be THEE big thing these days for getting yer five knuckle shuffle on to.
Every thing for Glee, Married With Children to The Simpsons have been basterdised in this fashion.

The latest to get titilated is Star Trek : The Next Generation.
Which will probably get the porny name of Star Trek : The Sex Generation or something equally as corny.
So I'm sure we get to see the Captains Log in this film... oh there are a million puns i can go with, I'm gonna let ye have fun with them, why should I do all the work.

Below are the only 2 photos that are work safe.. and that hopefully wont get my blog reported.

There are more photos that are VERY NSFW to be found at this link, You have been warned.

I wonder how long it is till we get a sequel to this? Star Trek: Deep Throat Nine is a title WAITING to be used.
Not to mention Star Trek : Voyeur ... Come on.. you know there would be a scene with Seven Of Nine and Cpt Janeway in that one.... It'll be a top seller.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cybermen swimming cap


Above photo is of a competitor wearing a Doctor Who Cybermen cap at the Cold Water Swimming Championships at the Tooting Bec lido in London last month.

What the hell is "Cold Water Swiming Championship" I hear you ask... Follow this link and it kinda explains it a bit better.

Friday, February 4, 2011

STAR WARS Volkswagon Super Bowl Commercial


This ad is THE CUTEST!!!

Oh and shut up, we've all tried to use the force at one time or another over the last 30 years.

Also.. Devious parent mind fucking with his kid... Nice.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Some one with a lot of time on their hands complied clips from The SimpsonsArnold Schwarzenegger-inspired action movie hero McBain into a kick ass 4 minute clip called McBain: the Movie.

The plot is as follows (as if you need it explained)
McBain hunts corrupt drug kingpin Senator Mendoza and tries to exact revenge for his murdered partner while battling red tape at police headquarters.