Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Japanese Lateralus


Usually i don't like covers versions or songs with samples of tool's music in them, they never seem to capture the brilliance of the original composition, but this however... this is... well its fucking amazing.

Tool's 'Lateralus' for 8-piece koto ensemble.Beautiful.

Final performance version is to be found here

Its A Duck Pond, Amy Pond


Another new Doctor Who clip was aired this morning (on Cbbc... no I wasn't watching it... I swear)Its from the 1st episode, It doesn't really give anything away except Amy's accent.

Not sure if I'm gonna be able to like Amy's accent for 13 episodes

Sunday, March 28, 2010



I've been a wrestling fan since I was 3 years old, I use to watch wrestling on UTV's World Of Sport and when I was 4 my father brought me to a wrestling show in my home town, much to my surprise it was the wrestlers I watched every saturday on tv.

From there i got to watching WCW and WWF (Sting was my favourite in the 90's)

Now before you say anything, i kinda always knew wrestling was fake, from about the age of 8 anyways, but it still didnt take away any of the excitement from it.

Wrestling has change alot over the years, wrestlers come an go even some of the companies come an go as well.

I dont think i will ever "grow out" of my love for wrestling, I still love watching it, I still love going to live events. The frequency of watching my go up and down, but there is ONE event which will always turn me into a 4 year old.


Today is Wrestlemania Sunday, the BIG wrestling event, it is the Superbowl, the FA cup, the Ryder cup of wrestling. If you've heard of wrestling you've heard of Wrestlemania.

This year the main match for me is Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker, a repeat clash of last years show stopping match, which was considering the fact that both these men are in their mid 40's one of the best wrestlemania (or indeed wrestling) match in history.

If Shawn loses, then is career is over (yeah, like that happens in pro wrestling)
Its enough to make it that little bit more interesting. If Undertaker wins he takes his win loss record at wrestlemania to 18 - 0, a feat which will never be equalled.
These two men are living legends of wrestling and have been involved in some of the most famous wrestling matches of the last 25 years.Im a fan of both these guys, when it comes to wrestlemania Shawn Michaels has THEE match of the night, its a master class. As for the Undertaker, well to me he is the man, my fave wrestler and to be honest he is no slouch in the ring at wrestlemania either.It's gonna be epic.

So tonight i get to remember what it was like watching wrestling as a four year old and for ONE match, wrestling gonna be fuckin real to me.

Oh, an ya gotta love the way wwe put promo packages together:

Iron Man 2 TV Spot


Marvel Studios released a TV Spot for Iron Man 2

The TV Spot was unleashed during Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2010.

The film is set to be released on May 7, 2010, and that date can't get here soon enough!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why isn't it next Saturday already!!!!


The BBC have released the 'opening' clip from the first episode in the new series, The Eleventh Hour.

Well, thats the shit the blown out of the old tardis console then.
Screw this, I'm watching the shit outta those 40 seconds AGAIN!!!
Have I mentioned how I can't wait till next Saturday?

A bag of Doctor Who news


I missed Matt Smith on Jonathan Ross this evening (the joys of no TV connection).

There was a new trailer some interviews and a clip from Vampires in Venice.


Trailer is pretty much the same as the American one i posted during the week, but some new clips (Professor Song = Squeeeeeeeeee)


Usual Jonathan Ross interview, no reall revlations to be had... well except for

Vampires of Venice Preview:

Not sure of Matts portrayal of the Doctor in this clip, but I loved the 1st Doctors libary card being used as ID... surely after 908 years it would need renewing?

Over all... cant fucking wait!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Facebook: Your Doing it Wrong

We all have people on our friends list that match up to these categories.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Futurama Trailer


This is the 1st preview trailer that appeared on Comedy Central at the weekend, I do like the nod to their change of networks. Expect a few digs at fox in this season also.

Know your Masks

Movie masks some times become more iconic than the movies they came from.
Proof in point would be Jason Voorhees hockey mask from the Friday 13th series (even tho he only got the mask in the 3rd film)

So here is a little fun game can you name the movies these masks are from?

Answers are at the bottom of the image

Even More New Who


Another Doctor Who Trailer, This one for BBC America, worth watching as there are alot of new clips an dialogue. There is one thing about this trailer I don't like, Its the American voice over at the end. It sounds so.... Alien!
For me its that well spoken English lady from the BBC, she is the Doctor Who continuity voice, anything else is just wrong.

Love how the tiltle is for series 1/5/31/Fnarg because no one really knows what to name this series.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You and me could cover a bad romance


This is the semifinalists of the Finnish TV show Kuorosota performing Bad Romance. I have no idea what Kurosota is but im gonna guess its similiar to Last Choir Standing.

Its like glee gone bad!

Is that a "metal" choir?

New Doctor Who Trailer & Preview Clip


I know I've had pretty much nothing but negative comments about the new look Doctor Who (logo, tardis, doctor, time vortex)
But at the end of the day, there is NEW Doctor Who series starting in 14 days and six hours time.


Naturally the BBC is going in to full on with its promotion, the official screening has been had and 1st reports are, its all good.

Now for us mere mortals who weren't luck enough to get to the screening. here are some new trailers and preview clips.

You know.... I think i've got to go an lie down..... Can't fuckin wait for Easter.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family & Facebook


Back Of The Class don't want their mums following them on facebook.

Can't blame them, family and facebook don't always go hand in hand.

I know that my own mum is gonna add me on facebook within the next 48 hours because of posting this link on facebook.

Its Karma isn't is?

Nightmare before St. Patricks Day


It's my sixth annual I don't like St. Patrick's Day blog.
Whats left for me to say?
This time I think i'll point out why I dislike St. Patricks Day in song.

If you do go out to celebrate your heritage or the culture of the Irish today, please don't make a tit of yourself.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bill Hicks: American


This isn't new, but I just discovered it via SxSW where it got its American premier over the weekend.

Matt Harlock & Paul Thomas have spent the last 3 years making AMERICAN – The Bill Hicks Story. This is the Trailer:

Libertarian, outlaw, shaman, philosopher, romantic, preacher, genius… All words banded about to describe the genius that was Bill Hicks, I have listened to Bills work more than ANY other comedian and it never gets stale, it never gets old. In fact sometimes it gets MORE relevant with age.

It is one of the great tragedies that Bill Hicks died when he did as I often wonder how much fun Bill would have had ripping on the politicians of today. I also KNOW he would hate Miley Cyrus.

If you have never heard of Bill Hicks will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE educate yourself an go listen to some of his material. The clip below is a great place to start.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What to do if you make 1st contact with an alien race

There are certain things you need to remember when involved in changing the course of human history forever.

Click on the image to get it full size.

It does remind me slightly of the lyrics:

Overwhelmed as one would be

Placed in my position
Such a heavy burden now to be the one
Born to bear and bring to all
The details of our ending
To write it down for all the world to see.
But I forgot my pen

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Is Some Bullshit

” [photo: examiner.]

A school district in northern Mississippi has decided to scrap a local high school’s senior prom rather than let 18-year-old Constance McMillen attend the event in a tuxedo with her girlfriend.

The Itawamba County school board made the call to cancel prom following a request from the ACLU of Mississippi that an unconstitutional policy banning same-sex prom dates be changed. A statement released by the school board announcing the nixing of prom refers to the ACLU and Constance McMillen as “distractions to the educational process” without mentioning either by name.

“That’s really messed up because the message they are sending is that if they have to let gay people go to prom that they are not going to have one,” McMillen said in an interview with the Clarion-Ledger. “A bunch of kids at school are really going to hate me for this, so in a way it’s really retaliation.”

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aww Cuteness


Taylor Swifts You Belong To Me video remade to be a little more GAY

Its kinda awwwwwww look at the babygays .... or is that just me?

Anyways it was made by the University of Rochester Yellowjackets.


Even the CAPTCHA for posting this to my facebook was a little gay

Terminator - Short Circuit


Another mash up video concept.
In all honesty it couldn't be any worse that Terminator: Salvation was.

Weird to think the guy with the fake Indian accent in Short Circuit would go on to win an Oscar isn't it?

Chatroulette Burn

Chatroultte is one of those flash in the pans social oddities.
You know its time to leave the site when you start talking to a 5year old
Its DEFINITELY time leave the site when you are burned by a 5 year old.

This child is now my favourite CR celebrity.

Youtube: Close Down


If your old enough to remember when TV channels closed down for the night, you'll get this video.

A simple joke, but a very good one none the less.

They Don't Care About Us - Beatbox Version


Don't know back on Mondays or Fridays for his next video, but I do like this beat box of They Dont Care About Us.

And yes, I do like the superhero motif he has going on with the hats.

More Iron Man 2 news

Well it seems the Iron Man 2 juggernaut continues today with more advertising images getting released.

I can see all 3 images being used as standees in the cinema.

In case you missed the new trailer for some strange reason, Click Here and watch it, if you have seen it watch it again because it's awesome! I can't wait to see this film! Check out the images below and click to enlarge.

Monday, March 8, 2010

How to win an Oscar


Winning an Oscar is pretty much guaranteed if you use any or all of these clich├ęs.

Brought to you by the fine folks at

Lostwatch or Baylost?


If lost had been made in the 90's and had David Hasslehoff as an executive producer it may well have looked something like this:

As mashup videos go, this is one of the best I've seen.

Meet Matt Smith: Star of the new Doctor Who

Lifted wholesale for yesterdays Guardian

Matt Smith Doctor Who
Welcome aboard, says the new Doctor, shutting the door on the outside world. It's a cold, gusty day at Doctor Who HQ in Cardiff. I'd been hoping for the Tardis, but we make do with his trailer.

The heater is blowing out hot air, and photos and postcards are flapping on the wall. There's a picture of a cat, a mate doing a moony, good luck messages. The trailer has become home for Matt Smith while he's been filming his first Doctor Who series.

He already feels he's done his share of time travelling. Friends, strangers, future fans ask him what it's going to be like when he's the Doctor, and to answer he has to do a double take – take a trip back to the future. As far as he's concerned he's been busy Doctoring for the last seven months, but of course we're yet to see the fruits of his labour.

The announcement that Smith was to take over from David Tennant as the Doctor was greeted by the nation with a huge collective question mark. Matt Smith, who he? After all, names such as James Nesbitt and David Morrissey were said to be in the running. There had also been hints that the BBC was preparing for the first black Doctor (Paterson Joseph, who played Rodrick in the series) or the first female (former assistant Billie Piper).

It's hardly surprising that the supposed shortlist was high profile. Doctor Who is the biggest time-travel series in the galaxy. It's the longest-running sci-fi show on television, sold to 54 countries, and more than three million Doctor Who DVDs have been sold. Previous incumbents have included long-scarved legend Tom Baker and white-haired dandy Jon Pertwee. To make matters worse for Smith, Tennant had just been voted the greatest ever Doctor.

Matt who?

Today he's wearing braces and a bow tie, which make his baby face even more incongruous. After all, so many Doctors were middle-aged at least (even a little wizened in the case of William Hartnell) – and, so we thought, they should be if they were single-handedly going to save the world from Daleks, Reapers, Cybermen, the Slitheen, the Sycorax, the Abzorbaloff, the Master, the Adipose and the odd werewolf.

Smith looks a good decade off shaving, his complexion is worryingly white and he's beansprout thin. His quiff juts out from his high forehead like an overhanging cliff. He's got a touch of the rock-star-from-outer-space about him. "This is my cat Timmy who's no longer with us," he says, giving a guided tour of his trailer walls. "My mate Timmy. I can't tell you, man, I luuuuurved that cat. He got to 18. He had a really good innings, that's why I was so attached to him. He was called the godfather of the street because he was a bigggggg cat. I'm totally going to have a Mini Egg, if that's all right." He digs into my packet and munches away. "Ah, it's like heaven in your mouth."

Words cascade from him, tumbling over each other in the race from brain to mouth. He's bouncy and playful – the type of hyperactive puppy you find presenting children's TV shows on Saturday mornings. Yet at the same time there's something about him that's older than his years. His vocabulary is a throwback to Enid Blyton's lashings of ginger beer: the Ken Loach film Looking For Eric is a "belter" that "warms the cockles", "gosh" is his favourite expletive, he doesn't swear.

When David Tennant announced he was stepping down, Smith's mum suggested he'd make a good Doctor. Why? "Well, I used to have a really stripy scarf at university and people would say it's very Doctor Who!" Is that all? He ums and aahs, and says there might be something else. "I guess I've always hoped… There's something irreverent or wreckless or mad or brilliant. Don't we all hope that we could be the Doctor, somewhere? Isn't that what makes him great?"

Actually, Smith didn't originally hope he could be the Doctor. He hoped – rather, assumed – he would be a footballer. He grew up in Northampton, went to a good local secondary which had formerly been a grammar school, did as much work as was necessary to see him through his exams, and played football. Every day, every evening, he played. He was good, too. Signed on at youth level with Northampton Town, then Nottingham Forest and Leicester City. His dad had been a decent centre-back, and his grandfather had played as a striker for Notts County. There was only one thing he was ever going to be: a first-class centre-back.

Then, at 16, he got a back injury. For a year his father, who runs a plastics business, drove him from Northampton to Leicester every day for treatment. Eventually, he returned to action. But it wasn't the same – the pace, confidence and hunger had gone. Leicester City released him. "I could have signed for a lower league club but it was a risk, and the last few games I didn't want to play, I dreaded it. I'd lost that desire, the urge, the enjoyment, all the things you need in life. I mean, what's the point in doing something you don't enjoy?"

He makes it sound like an easy decision now, but it wasn't. "I was talking to my dad about it the other day. It's the one time… Yes, I was in a mess. Football was everything. You think it's the one thing you do in your life, your whole focus…" For a nanosecond he sounds almost downbeat. "But it's like anything… it's not the disappointment, it's how you react to it." And how did he react? "I went to do my A-levels and started doing drama. I'm totally going to have another Mini Egg, if that's all right."

His drama teacher, Mr Hardingham, nurtured Smith. When he didn't turn up for rehearsal, he gave him a second chance. "Like great teachers do, they change your life. He got me forms for the National Youth Theatre. And I didn't fill them in." Mr Hardingham persisted. Eventually Smith did fill in the forms, won a place, went on to study drama and creative writing at the University of East Anglia and discovered that acting gave him a similar buzz to football. "There are great disciplines from being a sportsman that you can transfer into being an artist. The preparation, the sacrifice, the constant desire to improve."

Smith looks at me. He notices the sweat pouring from my face. It's boiling in the trailer. "Oh God, I'm so sorry, you should have said." He jumps up, turns the heat down, pops a Mini Egg into his mouth, sits down and looks out of the window. He points to the neighbouring trailer that belongs to the Doctor's new assistant, played by Karen Gillan. "She's very beautiful, mad as a box of cats." He stops. "In a brilliant way… We're both pretty mad, I think, which is why it's cool."

Does he fancy her? "Me, Matt Smith, or the Doctor?" The Doctor? "Well, you'll have to see, won't you?" And Matt Smith? "Noooh!" he protests. "She's my mate, Kaz, I just take the mick out of her every day." It's not very gentlemanly to say you don't fancy her, I say. "No, listen, she's a beautiful woman, you know, but we work together – that would be an error. That would be an error!"

Has he always been popular with girls? "I like to think so." Last year it was reported that he was going out with Brazilian singer Mayana Moura. Are they still together? "No, no, no, no," he says in a rush. Smith is single again. What is he looking for in the ideal woman? "Oh gosh! Daisy Lowe is taken, so that's out of the question. Haha!" Who's she? "She's a pretty lady… Oh, I don't know. Someone lovely with a good heart who enjoys the things I enjoy… who plays the guitar."

He talks about how tough the work is, and the hours they have to put in. "By the end, we'll be filming from 11pm till nine in the morning… then they need to shoot in the mornings because of the light. D'you know what? It is exhausting. We've been shooting for seven and a half months now, and the line-learning is quite immense for the Doctor because he's in pretty much every scene, and he says the majority of stuff because his brain is the coolest and the biggest." After filming, he does a couple of hours a night of revision, learning his lines. Is it worse than school? "No, because you're the Doctor, so the payoff's greater. It's not like triple maths with Mr Humzinger. There's not that much coffee breath."

When he got the job, he had to keep it secret. He'd sit watching Doctor Who with his flatmate, desperate to tell him he was the new Time Lord and having to keep schtum. "It was a complete nightmare." Eventually he told his father. "He was rather flabbergasted. When I told him, he laughed. He was excited, elated and very proud."

It's such a strange time in his life. A year ago, he was pretty much unknown – fans of the television series Party Animals, in which he played a parliamentary researcher, or those who had seen him at the Royal Court in That Face, playing the carer son of Lindsay Duncan's alcoholic mother, might have been able to put a name to the face, but he hardly had a mass following. At Christmas, he made his first (and so far only) appearance as the Doctor, when David Tennant regenerated into him. Today, he can just about get away with walking around unbothered. In a few weeks, he will be a star, one of the most recognisable actors in the country. "There aren't many jobs that change the fabric of your life in the same way – where you go from being a working actor who is pretty anonymous, to being thrust into what is one of the most popular shows, if not the most popular, in Britain."

Is he nervous? Look, he says, it's his job, he's taking it all in his stride. Then he stops. Of course he's nervous. "It's unlike any job I'll ever do because a) there's so much that comes with it, b) there's so much that is expected. I'd be lying if I said the first day I walked on the beach, where we filmed, and I saw the Tardis, and there were all these paparazzi there, and you're going, what the hell is going on…?" In his rush to get the words out, he often forgets to finish sentences.

Has he sought the advice of former Doctors? He tells me he recently had lunch with Peter Davison, who told him simply to enjoy the ride. He also had a word with David Tennant. "I spoke briefly to David. He was just very lovely and gave me encouragement, but I think you have to cleave it out yourself. It's your own journey."

Surely it makes it that bit tougher when he's following the most popular Doctor ever. "Yeah, yeah. I guess you've got to approach it with your own take or spin. No, spin is the wrong word. Identity. How can you not be aware of the rich heritage and legacy? Over Christmas it was everywhere. It was the big thing, David leaving the show. But it only intimidates you as much as you allow it to."

I tell him about my 10-year-old friend Joseph. Joseph cried when Tennant left. More to the point, he cried when he saw Smith for the first time. I feel mean mentioning it, but perhaps it's a measure of Smith's task, to win over the fans. He looks a little crestfallen. Then there are the bloggers, complaining that, at 27, he is too young, too much like an emo rock star, too pretty, too ugly, too everything. "Thanks for reminding me." How can he put them at ease? "What is my retort to them? Thank you for your kind and considered comments… hehehehe. Everybody's entitled to an opinion. But an emo? Maybe it's my hair."

Back to Joseph. He wants to know how Smith is going to make the Doctor his own.

"He's a little reckless. He'll walk into a room and have a million things to do. And, as opposed to knowing exactly how to get out, he'll take it up to the precipice: don't know, don't know, don't know, and boom, there's the idea. And it's a bit mad and reckless. It's very doof, doof, doof. And he's got a companion who I think is the hardest to handle. And she's quite mad. But the Doctor's quite mad as well. So together…"

Is he going to be one of those melancholy doctors like Christopher Eccleston, weighed down by his traumatic history? "I think it's impossible to escape that with the Doctor. He's lost so many people and devastated so much… bad or good, he's brought whole empires down. He's seen a lot, and that's part of his personality. But that's also what gives him such joy and effervescence."

As he talks I notice a long scar running down his forehead. Is it the result of a football injury? "No, I cracked that open as a kid at nursery, and had to have 24 stitches. Can you see where it goes back? You can peel my hair back if you want." So I do, and tell him this is not the first actor I've got intimate with – I once pulled a hair out of Daniel Day-Lewis's ear. He looks impressed. "Really? He's a genius. I'm having another Mini Egg. What an actor! That's what we're all aiming for. To turn in bits and bobs like that!"

Apart from the football blip, you sense Matt Smith is used to achieving the goals he sets himself. At school, he decided he wanted to be head boy, and won the election. "I was the outside choice. I curried favour among friends. I just wanted the mantle." Really? "Yeah, course, man. I wanted to run things. I wanted control. It was the highest position, and I wanted the highest position. Why not? Then you get to organise the ball and you get to say if you have a year book and every Tuesday you go out for a meeting for two hours and get out of triple maths. There was a big hoo-ha with a mate called Dean, because he thought I was using underhand tactics to get votes." But get the votes he did.

Whereas previous head boys were straight-A students who had gone on to Cambridge University, Smith was not a swot. But even when stressing his averageness, he ends up revealing more about his determination. "I got an A, B and C. A in Drama. B in Psychology." He bangs the table. "I should have got an A, man. Should have got an A. That ticked me off!"

At university he went on to get a very average degree. He squirms when he mentions his 2:2, but adds by way of explanation that he spent much of the last six months away from his course acting professionally. Just to think, he says almost wistfully, he had once planned on doing a degree in politics at Sheffield.

Why did he want to study politics? "I just wanted to be intelligent, or seem intelligent, and go to a redbrick university and go, 'Oh yeah, I'm doing politics!' I used to read Gore Vidal books and think I was cool."

What would he rather be, a political thinker with a good degree or the Doctor? He looks at me as if I'm absolutely bonkers. "Come on!" he shouts. "Politics was a ridiculous idea. I would have been rubbish. It's the Doctor!"

New Iron Man 2 Trailer


The new trailer for Iron Man 2 was released today.

At first it's similar to the first one, but then the new Iron Man 2 trailer turns into a blur of new footage, battle suit armies, more Mickey Rourke, and some hot chick firing a palm gun.

Really looking forward to this film, went through the list of movies coming out this summer and this was the ONLY one that stands out as "summer blockbuster".
Especially after watching the last 10 seconds of that trailer.

Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2010

If movie posters were a little bit more honest, would you still go see them? I've seen these three movies and i have to say, these mocked up posters are really accurate.

Full list of movie posters can be found here

Flashmobs? Singalongs are the future.


A service delay prompts NYC Subway patrons at the Times Square stop to form an impromptu chorus as a busking band performs The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”.

I think thats just fuckin awesome.
Really, I've no comment to add, the video is everything you need

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ultimate Geek Swiss Army Knife

This is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife. Who needs nail scissors, saws and screwdrivers when you have an array of weaponry like this? Really, what couldn't you accomplish?

This fantastic nerdy image comes from Ian Summers and the design is available as a T-shirt here. I soooooo want one.

Now, The Ultimate challenge, can you name them all?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gaga In Wonderland


She is humping an Orca !!!

Brilliant mashup/spoof of the new Alice In Wonderland Trailer and Lady Gaga.

It works well, shes a fuckin lunatic.

Bite My Shiny Metal Ass


Proof that you can't keep a good thing down, Futurama will return to TV this June on Comedy Central.

The network with the best record for having no faith in TV shows Fox cancelled this show in 2003, It was resurrected in late 2007 with 4 straight to dvd movies that were released over 14 months.

Apparently it was the final bow for Futurama as Fox had no interest in the show.

Thankfully in stepped Comedy Central, on June 9, 2009, 20th Century Fox announced that Comedy Central had picked up the show for 26 new half-hour episodes that will begin airing in mid-2010.

Then today we got this announcement

We will see the first episode on Thursday June 24th at 10:00 p.m.


God's Eye View


These images come from a group of Australian artists called The Glue Society. They are from a series called GOD'S EYE VIEW which try to represent a series of biblical episodes just as they would be seen through a satellite, such as with Google Earth.

The images have been around for awhile, but i recently rediscovered them an thought I'd share.

 Adam Art Bible Christ Digital Eve Images Moses Religion Satellite Testament Old

Moses crossing the Red Sea

 Adam Art Bible Christ Digital Eve Images Moses Religion Satellite Testament Old
The cucifixion

 Adam Art Bible Christ Digital Eve Images Moses Religion Satellite Testament Old
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (look closely)

Noah's Ark after the Deluge

The Glue Society

Disney Mean Girls


Mash up videos, gotta love them.

Not a huge fan of the editing in this video, but it is based around my favourite guilty pleasure film, Mean Girls

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So... where do i fit in?

Professions, As Determined By Beard Length

Avengers Assemble


I am a big fan of all thing Marvel (ok, thats not actually true, Howard The Duck made me want to vomit).

Recently I've picked up some of their straight to DVD animated releases (Planet Hulk, Hulk Vs, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow) and LOVED them, great to see comic books brought to the screen and for them to be represented so faithfully to the original material.

Along with recent TV show X-Men: Evolution & Wolverine and the X-Men, the marvel animated universe has become something I have grown to enjoy emmensely.

The main reason for this is because they are made in house at Marvel Animation studios.
Having their own studio really does help keep the feel of the comics regardless of the animation style used.

Yesterday Marvel announced their newest TV series:

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

From the press release
"The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" - Further aligning the strength of Marvel's hugely popular characters and stories with the burgeoning Disney XD brand and global reach, an all-new animated series, "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," will debut in fall 2010 on Disney XD and Beginning with the "Iron Man" and "Incredible Hulk" movies in 2008, the release of "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" follows Marvel's overall "Avengers Assemble" strategy introducing the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe through various content platforms, including the upcoming feature films "Iron Man 2" in May of 2010, "Thor" in May of 2011 and "Captain America" in July of 2011, all building up to the Avengers theatrical film in 2012.

Its also worth noting that these upcoming films are Marvel Studios' self-produced films.
Everything is better when its kept in house it seems.

Twilight, Out for the Count

When I was a kid, I knew of maybe two vampires, Dracula and The Count
Dracula scared they shit out of me, that was his job.

The Count was a muppet and all he had to do was teach me how to count.
He was the vampire everyone liked

Now... ehhh everyone love vampires an they don't count to 10 anymore. They turn to diamonds in the sun.

I don't get this emo vampire bullshit and neither does Deviantart user poopbear who created the image below.

1. Punch to the Jaw ah ha ha
2 Teeth knocked out ah ha ha

In conclusion, The Count rules and Twilight can suck on balls.