Monday, December 6, 2010

Chewie And Han

You may have noticed im a bit of a fan of Calvin & Hobbes and that i am also a Star Wars fan.(if you read this blog at all... you might noticed these things)

So imagine my delight at discovering THIS tshirt:

Its a pity Bill Watterson didn't make Calvin & Hobbes merchandise, but its rather nice to see fanboys have taken an initiative and made their own.

TShirt available from redbubble

The ULTIMATE fanboy Gift idea

Got a brother/boyfriend/son/father who is a fanboy and difficult to buy presents for.

Then take a look at
Flashrods apparently "make the coolest hard drive cars"

Bold statement, but i'm not sure there is a lot of competition in the hard drives shaped like cars market.

Well just in case the market gets to crowded Flashrods have played their trump card already.

When it comes to having an external hard drive, having one that looks like the Delorean from BTTF3 is a winner. Now having to pay $250 for a 500gb external hardrive IS a bit steep... I mean they could have at least included HiDef rips of the movie with it.

But its one for the extreme fanboys so i guess that's why it makes it the IDEAL Christmas present.

Links for the car are here

Dr Who Christmas Trinkets

Stuck for a present to get me for Christmas?
No really... you are right?

The try one of these keychains from

Each of these keychains hides a cool secret. The diecast TARDIS keychain unscrews to reveal a secret cash compartment, the other two keychains are mini flashlights: one fashioned like the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver, the other a red Dalek.

By the way... I prefer the Tardis one :D