Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doctor who overload.







So it's a shitty rainy day here in Limerick city, with only my Internet to keep me sane, flicking through sites i realise that the BBC have released an new Trailer for The Waters Of Mars.

YAY!!! Much bouncing, as well a new Doctor Who trailer is always a reason for me to get excited

I dare you not to grin, when he says "well I don't hear anyone knocking, Do you?

Now I had watched the trailer 4-5 times, all with a HUGE feck off grin on my face, feeling oh so slightly great about my self, when i discovered something else

The trailer for The end of time.

The very LAST David Tennant Doctor Who story. It was shown last week at Comic-Con.

It has a squeeeeee factor of 100, please be seated when watching.

Love that collective audience squeeee at the end... I know how they felt.


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