Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can you multitask

Try playing this game and not swearing like a lunatic at your computer screen

Oh my fucking god, this game will give you a brain aneurysm.

Its one of those, this should be so simple but i cant do it games.


... ok one more go

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The world

I have always fascinated by photos of the Earth taken from space. Some random program on space exploration in the early 1980s made me go WOW one day.
It was probably this image:

Just made a 4yr old me go.. FUCK we are really small in this world.

Today NASA released some new Blue Marble photos that make a 32yr old me go.. fuck we are STILL very small in this world.

Click on the image for full size version, I had to shrink it down or it would overflow the page of the blog.
More NASA pics of the Earth for space can be found here

I kinda do feel like the Astronauts in this video when looking at these images

Also, blog post 200. Did i give you something to think about today?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Because we all like a clock counting down


Here is a countdown till the new season of Doctor Who starts.

As much as I've been gripping about all the changes that have been made an a certain unease with Matt Smith playing The Doctor it still doesn't change the face I am looking forward to new who very very eagerly.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Hard Days Night Of The Dead


I do love movie mash up movie videos and this one has Beatles vs Zombies.
What's not to like?

Could a line of dialogue be like this?:

Reporter: What do you call your hairstyle?
Harrison: Brrrrrrrrrrrraaaaains

Venn Diagram of Sci Fi awesomeness

You can not disagree with something when it is in graph format. Especially when they are graphs that show all hypothetically possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets*

*Thank you google

Doctor Who Trailer 2010


Last night BBC aired their newest trailer for this years seasons of Dr Who.

Interesting trailer, Not what i expected,Didn't really tell me anything new( last weeks teaser image had all that info in it) but enough to wet my appetite.
For those lucky enough to live in the UK an see Alice In Wonderland in a cineworld cinema, that trailer is being show in 3D... Hmmmm 3D who, now THAT sounds fun.

April 2010 is gonna bring back alot of my fave shows to TV

Plus there is easter eggs... YAY!!!

Calvin & Cthulhu


This is such a genius T-Shirt, Its such a pity Bill Watterson never licensed any Calvin an Hobbes merchandise outside of the books. Still nerds and fanboys find away round these things

Tshirt can be found here

Also, a very slight nitpick, but shouldnt the T-Shirt be called Calvin & Cthulhu on the website? As its quiet clear Hobbes is Cthulhu and Calvin is some sort of merman type creature.

Meh, T-shirt still rules regardless

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Internet Slang for the English Gentlemen



I found your last comment humorous, good sir!


My jubilant utterance could be heard in the next room!

lol - laugh out loud

I did laugh merrily in an out loud fashion.

rofl - rolling on floor laughing

I dare say I fell onto the ground, and proceeded to roll about as if I were swine of some sort.

lmao - laughing my ass off

I laughed so intensely that my buttocks nearly disconnected from my flesh.

pmsl - pissed myself laughing

My guttural emission of joy caused me to urinate my trousers.

w/e - whatever

Right. Would you like some tea?

stfu - shut the fuck up

If you were drinking tea right now, you would not be speaking.

gtfo - get the fuck out

I must request that you depart hastily.

tits or gtfo - tits or get the fuck out

Madam, I ask that you reveal your bosom to me, for if you do not, I must request that you depart hastily.

afk - away from keyboard

I will be absent from this typing device for the time being.

rtfm - read the fucking manual

Jeeves, would you please look over these instructions?

milf - mother I’d like to fuck

Even though that gentlewoman has bared offspring, I cannot deny that I still have the desire to fornicate with her.

smd - suck my dick

Would you be so kind as to fellate my little Englishman?

ftw - for the win


ftl - for the lose

Defeat? I do not believe that is so. We have clearly planted the flag of our nation. Do you not see the flag? Victory!



mofo - mother fucker

You have coital relations with your mother, sir! I suspect you to be royalty and I humbly bow at your feet.

omgwtfbbq - oh my god, what the fuck, barbecue

Great deity in heaven, what in the queen’s name is that? That makes less sense than an outdoor cooking apparatus.

Full List here

Predator 3: You Got Severed?


Wouldnt it be cool if this WAS a predator movie, Instead of hunting people and removing their Skull an Spines they just have a dance off?

When you lose your served and severed. Hey, you gotta keep the blood lust!

Ok... maybe its just me then, but thats only cause you know you'd served by the hip hop dance stylin's of the yautja clan!!!

Football fans


They were never like this in films like I.D, Football Factory or Green Street

Hmmmmm I wonder... Could you do a remake of I.D but as a musical?
That... could be interesting.

Either way, very clever advertising I have to say

Friday, February 19, 2010

Because sometimes Batman needs time off


Seth Macfarlane's creative process


Its pretty much how it seems to work for Seth, I will say I haven't watched The Cleveland Show, I got 7 minutes into the 1st episode and deemed it the worst pile of horseshite I ever had the misfortune to watch.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Who for you

Here is the latest promo image for Season 5/32/1(I'm going with season 5 ok)

Shows some of the villians the Doctor will be fighting this season along with a new Time an Space vortex animation..

Ok, Seriously a new fucking time an space vortex?




Torchwood wins SFX award


Russel T Davis Recently won an award from SFX for : BEST TV EPISODE - "Children Of Earth" Part Five

This is his acceptance speech, which was read out on the night:

Hello SFX, it's Russell T Davies here, I'll just dictate this on to your answerphone. Thanks very much to everyone who voted, and I'd also like to thank... Oh, hold on. Sorry. No, I'm busy, I'm on the phone to SFX. It's a magazine. No wonder you haven't heard of it, it's a specialist magazine. For special people. Yes, with special needs. They've given Torchwood a prize for Best TV Episode. No, stop laughing, they have. No, they really have. Honestly, stop laughing. I'm not kidding, seriously, stop laughing, now. No, it's not the Comedy Awards. Which episode? Day 5. No, not Day 4. No, definitely not Day 4. I didn't write Day 4. I don't f**king care what you think, Day 4 didn't win, okay? And no, he's not coming back to life, so forget it! You're no longer playing Ianto, you're my houseboy, so accept it, okay? Anyway. Yeah, thanks SFX, and thanks to the magnificent cast and crew, and to BBC One for their support. I'm really delighted and honoured that people made the effort to vote for this, so thank you hugely. Hold on. You missed a bit, Gareth, over there, that's it, bend over. Bye. Click. Brrrr."

So, I guess all us Lanto fanboys have to just accept that he is gone for ever

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I wants

Its my birthday on monday, If anyone would like to put these candles on my cake id be more than happy....

Gotta love ingenuity

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I never realised people felt this way

This was a shock to me I have to say, I had no idea this was gonna happen.

Did my publicist know about this?

Have your people call my people, we'll do lunch.

LOL My favourite part of that whole video was the old lady throwing all the photos of her family off the sideboard.

Best viral video ever to exist on the internet EVER

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dividing by Zero

When you doing a live podcast and podcast your own podcast, its like dividing by zero.

This man could have ended all of time and space by clicking that one button.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Who News

I am incredibley late with this bit of news, but I think it got over shadowed by the wtf performance of Jedward at the NTA's

David Tennant has received the Best Drama Peformance...

Doctor Who won best Drama award...

Thats the fifth year in a row that it has won best Drama.

Hey there


Just so YOU know, I know what you've been saying.

Have a nice day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where The Wild Sopranos's Are...

so let me ask you right off.... any chance of a mercy fuck?

It was bound to happen, I just wish i thought of it first is all.