Friday, September 17, 2010

What Sandy Collora did next


Ever wonder what happened to the guy who made Batman: Dead End way back in 2003 ?
Well it seems he released his first film called Hunter Prey earlier this year....

My simple review is... Batman: Dead End is far superior than this drawn out piece of shit. I've seen better made Star Wars fan flicks... seriously the costumes even seem to be a mix of Boba Fett meets Clone Trooper.
It reminds me of countless different sci fi shows/stories I've seen over the years.
When Sandy Collora and Nick Damon sat down to write the screenplay for this film I have a feeling they may have watched one or two of the following Deep Space Nine - Rocks and Shoals, Star Trek TOS - Arena, The Outer Limits - The Light Brigade and Enemy Mine

I know Sandy Collora only had a budget of $425000 dollars for this film, which is minuscule budget for a Sci Fi film, however even with a bigger budget i don't see this film being any better.As I've said before, I have seen better fanboy movies... point in case, the above mentioned Batman:Dead End.

Its the story that totally lets him down. It bored me, I really didn't care about any of the characters in this movie which I think comes from the introduction of Intergalactic war as the main plot point FIFTY MINUTES into the story. It was too drawn out, better if it was a 42 minute long Outer Limits episode.

Final words:
Please try harder or go back to making mind blowing fan flicks.