Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet The Beat Alls

This is one of my favourite cartoon episodes EVER...I remember watching this with a friend one sunday afternoon, with fuck off mugs of tea and the biggest packet of digestives in the world (it was a regular sunday thing to do after a saturday night out)
Most of the sundays were spent watching old X-Men, Iron Man an Hulk on Jetix(Then fox kids) Don't judge ya bastards, it was a great way to pass a hangover while indulging in mild fanboy banter an general chit chat

I've had to edit the clip to fit to youtube's lousy 10 minutes of video rule (seriously guys fucking sort this out)

To get you up to pace with the story as we join in at an important junction, Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him have gone to the girls house to attack them, all being thwarted by them on so many occasions , they argue about who was there 1st, after the girls come out an tell them to shut up that they are trying to sleep, they attack together at the same time... where something that has never happened before unfolds.

It is jammed with the most references I have ever seen in a cartoon and in my humble opinion is one of the best examples of modern cartoon writing of this decade. Seth MacFarlane could learn from this episode I think

Someday monkey won’t play piano song, play piano song.



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