Friday, April 24, 2009

End of an era

Once upon a time if you were trying to find somesort of imformation online, you would more than likely end up at a website that began with

Geocities was the one stop shop for people who wanted a website but hadnt a clue how to begin.

In all honesty they were the worst thing on the internet and only now have stopped clogging up search engines, nothing worse than hoping you've found the site you are after only to find a page with a shitty lay out filled with dead links.(they kinda were they blogspot of the early 90's)

Now after 15yrs the plug is finally being pulled by yahoo who bought them back in 1999

I suppose with the rise of personal blogs and social networking sites, the need for a website thats would contain the data "" is pretty much obsolete.

And yes, i did have a website on geocities, it was maintained properly for maybe 4 months in 2002 and got one update in 2003. Looking back ive no idea what i wanted to do with the website and by 2004 i was using the 1st of a long list of social networking sites i have used. So here it is laugh away.

Im sure in 7 years i will look back at this blog in the same way lol

so yeah, bye bye geocities... you wont be missed


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