Thursday, April 9, 2009

15 Years

I'm slightly annoyed at myself.

I'd missed the 15th anniversary of Kurt Cobains death.

Nirvana may not have had as huge an impact on me as some musicians however the music still had an impact.
I was pretty much discovering Nirvana round the time Kurt killed himself, so his death didn't seem to have the same affect on me as it did my friends. In fact the later deaths of Dimebag Darrell and Layne Stanley affected me more.

However i always made the conscious decision to commemorate the occasion, putting on an album and remembering the genius that was.

Today I stumbled upon an article entitled: KURT COBAIN 15 Years Later: Is He Forgotten?
and i realised, i had forgotten an important date. not only that but i was kinda shocked it was 15yrs, seems like only last year there was a 10th anniversary gig in Limerick, for the record I do think Nirvana and Kurt are still relevant in this day an age, the guy wrote some of the greatest songs of the 90's and some of those are the best of the 20th century (feel free to debate me on this if you want). Kurt inspired a specfic group of a generation, I dont think anyone since can really claim to be the voice of a generation as much as some would like to think they are. I know that when the voice is finally heard, i wont hear it properly, cause it aint my generation now.


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