Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When i was but a child

I read a book, a book I loved so much at the time, around the same time as i read the book I was watching TV one Saturday morning and there was an animated version of this book and I was amazed, as it was like my imagination on the TV. but for what ever reason it was, I forgot the book an its name for 20plus years. Only every so often would something tweak at my memory but i could never put all the pieces together in my mind.

Till sometime around 2007 i managed to see an episode of The Simpsons called The Girl Who Slept Too Little, during this episode Lisa visits the The Land of Wild Beasts which stirs ALL the forgotten memories again, there is the art style i remember, even the Beasts look the same

A little investigation online informs me that it was based on the book by Maurice Sendak called Where The Wild Things Are.

I did actually go away and find a copy to read again. this time the story did seem smaller than i remembered, but i may have been 6 when i read the book, but it did leave warm memories. I even searched online and thanks to the glories that is youtube i found the animated version:

Again, nice warm childhood memories floating to the surface.

Move on to January 2009, i discover there is apparently a live action being made.
This kinda worries me, as well over the last decade movie makers have been slowly destroying all the warm fuzzy memories of my childhood by remaking an sequels (Indiana Jones 4 end of argument).

A production still gets leaked on line.. is it real is it fake

Hmmmmm looks like something Jim Henson would have made back in the day i think to myself, and well id be right as Jim Henson's Creature Shop is indeed providing the effects.

Last week we got a look at the "official" trailer:

Its....well its.... its....

Its shiney and its got Arcade Fire - Wake Up, which really seems to suit the trailer

But, I look at the trailer and i have a slight worry, is this all about Max dealing with his parents divorce and moms new boyfriend? As well lets be honest that would suck mega balls
That and well the Wild Things look rather cute an fluffy, which some how doesnt seem right.

I suppose i will have to wait till the Autum to see if its something to make me wish i was six again or something that wishes i could keep the memories of my childhood safe from nasty grown ups a bit longer.


mge said...

That's one of the greatest trailers i've ever seen.

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