Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sabretooth the bastard stole my line...

I am a comic book movie fan, well that's a lie actually, as that would mean i waited in anticipation for the Dennis The Menace movies to be released.

More so I am a fan of the most recent and current adaptations of certain "graphic novels".
even some of the bad ones Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. being a guilty pleasure.

With all of these movies we get a big flashy trailer and we all go "fuuuuuuuuuuuck... did you see that?" and we will get excited that this truly will be the greatest comic book movie ever and our fanboy brains well melt at the sight of such wondrous delights on a big screen.

Now its not possible for every movie to be a Dark Knight a 300 an X-Men 2 or even a Watchmen (oh yeah im throwing it out there, that movie fuckin ruled)

Usually we walk out of the cinema afterwards, slightly confused and wondering how did film makers manage to screw the film up so badly? Asking questions like "How the hell did they fuck up the phoniex saga" (X-Men Last Stand) or "WTF???? Glactus was a giant fucking cloud?" (Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer) and "Who can I see about getting a refund" (Elektra and Catwoman)

This year seems to be awash with Comic adaptations, we have already had The Spirit and Watchmen with Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and Wolverine Origins coming later this year.

It is Wolverine I am most looking forward to, as it does have the "ZOMFG DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!" trailer

With one of Marvels biggest characters finally getting his own film, this is kinda "the big one".

The trailer does seem to have a lot going on, with one person commenting "Wolverine fights in every war, meets half the mutants in the Marvel universe, jumps onto a moving helicopter,he's basically a feral Forrest Gump. Either this movie is going to be four hours long or half the story will be told in a montage set to CCR's "Fortunate Son"."

Does seem like a lot to fit in, but if this movie brings to the table everything the trailer promises, i will have have a fanboy overload and shall have brain matter leaking from my ears


JP said...

I still reckon that Unbreakable is the best comic book based movie there is. Shyamalan got it right on that one.
I disagree on Elektra (with a K); I thought it was great. Catwoman might have made me smile if Hally Berry got her tits out!
Have yet to see Watchmen. I will though. I'm not one of those "I won't see it cos Alan Moore denounced the whole idea" - honestly dude I have a friend who actually said that.

JP said...

Also I don't geddit. You state X-Men as being great ranking it with Dark Knight and Watchmen and then come out with 'Asking questions like "How the hell did they fuck up the phoenix saga" (X-Men United)' - United was X-Men 2. Steve you crazy guy confusiated me. This is JPS btw!!

Steve said...

I meant X3 Last Stand, i fucked it up, sorry, i was ranting away, i get into a flow when i rant.

Both corrections have now been made to the post

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