Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I kinda don't WANT to make an "I hate St. Patrick's day" post.

However, it almost a yearly tradition, anyone who has been reading my blogs on the many different sites I've used over the last 4 years (The 1st ever blog post i made was this day 4yrs ago :D)

That said i saw my 1st St Patrick's Day parade today in over 12yrs, nice to know that thrash and kitch doesn't ONLY apply to small town Ireland parades.

All watched from the safety of my sitting room window, at last a pay off to living on the main streets of limerick.

I did notice that while many floats were "sponsored" a vast majority were infact just giant adverts for the company involved. An American friend of my flatemate said that it was so weird, as you would never see something like that in New York... fair enough I thought, they don't have Mr Binman in NYC.

Maybe im just not getting it.

That has to be it, maybe if i was in Italy this Thursday I'd see tons of pissed up Italians running round dressed up as Mario an Luigi celebrating THEIR national saint.... Nah wouldn't happen, yet that what we do.. well done Ireland, well done.

Still for those of you who DIDN'T over feed your kids with sugar and letting them run round like fucking tweaking speed monkeys while spraying green and gold hair spray all over the city and those without kids who decided it WASN'T gonna be a good idea to hit the pubs as soon as they opened dressed like a leprechaun and shouting at random strangers with the greeting of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYY!!! then to ye all i say congratulations and Happy St Patrick's day, and here is MY way of feeling patriotic today:


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