Sunday, March 27, 2011

Torchwood - Miracle Day

It was revealed earlier this week by Tvline that Torchwood: Miracle Day will make its stateside debut on Starz on Friday, July 8.

No news on when it will get its UK premier but its possible it will be shown the same day here as in the US (as they are currently doing with season 6 of Doctor Who)

“Not a single person on Earth dies” Torchwood boss Russell T. Davies recently explained. “The old stay old. It’s great news for some people, but globally it’s an instant population boom. Earth relies on people dying. Suddenly you’re affecting everyone on the planet. That’s where the Torchwood team comes in.”

Will the show remain the same as it was when it was a fully BBC production, or will it be Americanised and be as bad as Doctor Who - The Movie?? Guess we'll find out July 8th


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