Monday, January 3, 2011

Nerdy and Geeky things to look forward to in 2011

Ok, not the most original of topics to start off the year with, but... fuck it.
Never created a top 10 list for my blog before, so shall see how this works out its in reverse order so here we go:

Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon

After the GIANT ball of shit the was T2ROTF(So bad I can't even bring myself to type its full title)this barely scrapes into the list, I think I'm a glutton for punishment, why else would I want to go see a THIRD film that pisses all over a once treasured child hood movie. The only saving grace about this film is it couldn't be as bad as the last one... right?....

Xmen: First Class

Like the Transformers this scrapes in to my list despite the shit turn out of the previous films. However unlike Transformers 3 I've higher hopes for this film as it technically a reboot while still remaining in the same "universe" as the previous Xmen
movies.It also has a new cast an new director in Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn I'm willing to give benefit of the doubt to as his last 2 films was Kick Ass and Stardust, Stardust I LOVED by the way. If the reviews and box office for this movie are favourable expect this to be a new trilogy.

Green Lantern

"You have the ability to overcome great fear"... Yeah well my fear is that this movie will be a fucking bag of shit. I'm not feeling Ryan Reynold as Hal Jordan, guy might be a great Deadpool but in this trailer i hate him already. Infact i hate a few things about this movie already, the CGI suit looks tacky and fake. the Lantern.. omg the lantern looks BEYOND shit. So why then is it on my list? Well because its a comic book movie and also as of recent I've been reading A LOT of Green Lantern stories, the most recent DC crossover event BLACKEST NIGHT was based around the Green Lanterns and The Green Lantern Corps, So it's the fan boy in me that wants to see this film. I am going to see this film with NO expectations as apart from Superman and Batman movies DC comics seem to be getting their arses handed to them in regards their movies point in case Jonah Hex was so bad it disappeared barely even made an impression. I'm looking forward to this movie simply cause I want to hate it.

Cowboys & Aliens

Its a western movie... with Aliens featuring Harrison Ford... wasn't that basically Star Wars?
This is Jon Favreau's adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's graphic novel, which I've not read but shall be tracking down before i see this film. This film seems to be getting some positive fanboy feedback so I'll be checking it out. Even though Iron Man 2 wasn't as great as it could have been Jon Favreau is on my list of safe bet directors to tackle a comic book franchise after his work on the 2 Iron man films.


Thor is the 1st of the "big" comic book movies to come out this year (most of which make up this list actually) an will make up part of the Marvel anthology that lead to what could and should be "the Daddy" of all comic book movies The Avengers. Thor is an interesting challenge to make as its a myth an magic/swords an sandals kinda of affair... yet is suppose to fit into the world of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk movies. So when you have a film thats described as "a superhero movie, but with a bit of Shakespear thrown in" the obvious choice for Director is Kenneth Branagh.... of course???
Trailer looks fun so hopefully it will fun enjoyable comic book movie and it is under the Marvel Studios imprint and their work on live action and animated movies recently has been top class.

Super 8

Super 8 is the new J. J. Abrams movie, with the added bonus of Holywood overlord Steven Speilberg as producer.
Whats the movie about... no one actual knows. no really not a even a decent rumour has been leaked about it. What has been confirmed is that it will take place in 1979 and it will be a homage/tribute to Spielberg's '70s and '80s science fiction films with a mystery and supernatural feel from Abrams. It has been rumoured that the events in the above trailer wont even be shown in the film. All I know is the guy reinvented a very tired Star Trek movie franchise and if he can manage that then I want to see this movie... minus the lens flare of course.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I love the POTC series and while the third movie was the weakest of the trilogy I'm still looking forward to this. The franchise moves on without Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley's involvement, which kinda makes sense as their "story" was pretty much tied up at the end of the last trilogy. New blood in this film comes from Ian McShane and Penelope Cruz as Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica as they all search for the fabled Fountain Of Youth. Basically this film is gonna be standard POTC fair which is not a bad thing if you are a fan. Oh and added bonus of a cameo by Keith Richards as he returns in his role as Jack's father. YAY!!!

Captain America: The First Avenger

No trailer for this film as of yet... or even any official photos from it, few leaked photos of the set and a few of the 1940's costume are all that's gotten out. Chris Evans has the lead role as Steve Rogers AKA Captain America, which marks his 2nd turn as a Marvel superhero after his performance as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the abysmal Fantastic Four Series. Shall be interesting to see how he portrays the straight laced all American after his turn as the cocky and mostly annoying Human Torch. The movie will be set during World War 2 but also deal with his revival in modern day America so there will be TWO versions of the famous costume. This film is being touted as the "prequel" to The Avengers (hence the 1st avenger tagline" so expect the last scene or the post credits scene to be Nick Fury introducing Cap to Iron Man, War Machine, Thor and Black Widow around a Table with a giant A on it... and i will hyperventilate and have a huge fanboy mark out when that happens :D

Smallville: Season 10

While this season is half over it is finishing in 2011. I had grown bored with Smallvile over last 2-3 years but season ten has me yearning for more the instant I watch every new episode. They really are pulling out all the stops this season with old faces making their return and many references to the DCU in every episode. This is the season when Clark finishes his journey and becomes Superman, and its a roller-coaster ride to the end . My money is on the last scene of the series being Tom Welling in full Superman garb in the iconic superman flying pose in outer space flying into the horizon around the earth as the classic John Williams Superman Theme plays. If this does not happen they miss the opportunity to make every Superman fanboy out there pass out from the awesomeness of such an event, cause I for one would be on the floor in a drooling mess after having a super fanboy nerdgasm of epic proportions.

Doctor Who: Season 6

Oh come on... did you really expect this not to be the TOP of my list?
Is this your 1st time reading my blog?(If it is then welcome, please bookmark my blog and yes I'm a huge Dr Who fan)
This is the season "where everything changes" according to River Song. Apart from that I know nothing bar whats in the trailer. Will we find out who the mysterious "Silence" from last year and will they indeed fall? Hopefully, one thing we do know for certain is that Steven Moffat is splitting the season up into two parts, promising to end the first with a massive cliffhanger that won't be resolved until the later end of the year.... Which to me is even better as it mean I get to get excited about Doctor Who returning to our screens THREE times next year...


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