Monday, October 18, 2010

Defenders Of The Earth Live Action Trailer


The great thing about the internet is that, it has taken every drunken or stoner conversation that has ever taken place and helped move it towards reality.

In this case it took the question "Dude... if they made a live action version of 80s Tv Classic Defenders Of The Earth, who would play the main cast?" and answered it with a mash up fan fiction trailer.

Ok, so... a few things.

Bruce Willis as Flash Gordon? Are you for fucking real? He is way too old to play Flash.Even with having a son whos 17-18 he is waaaaaaaaay to old. Daniel Craig however would be spot on.
Christian Bale as Mandrake is perfect casting and although you left out his assistant Kshin I would suggest Dev Patel in the role.
And while I agree Vin Diesel is a good call... I would suggest Rampage Jackson for Lothar, he is the perfect Big Angry Black Guy for the role.

Other than that... fun mash up trailer


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