Sunday, March 28, 2010



I've been a wrestling fan since I was 3 years old, I use to watch wrestling on UTV's World Of Sport and when I was 4 my father brought me to a wrestling show in my home town, much to my surprise it was the wrestlers I watched every saturday on tv.

From there i got to watching WCW and WWF (Sting was my favourite in the 90's)

Now before you say anything, i kinda always knew wrestling was fake, from about the age of 8 anyways, but it still didnt take away any of the excitement from it.

Wrestling has change alot over the years, wrestlers come an go even some of the companies come an go as well.

I dont think i will ever "grow out" of my love for wrestling, I still love watching it, I still love going to live events. The frequency of watching my go up and down, but there is ONE event which will always turn me into a 4 year old.


Today is Wrestlemania Sunday, the BIG wrestling event, it is the Superbowl, the FA cup, the Ryder cup of wrestling. If you've heard of wrestling you've heard of Wrestlemania.

This year the main match for me is Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker, a repeat clash of last years show stopping match, which was considering the fact that both these men are in their mid 40's one of the best wrestlemania (or indeed wrestling) match in history.

If Shawn loses, then is career is over (yeah, like that happens in pro wrestling)
Its enough to make it that little bit more interesting. If Undertaker wins he takes his win loss record at wrestlemania to 18 - 0, a feat which will never be equalled.
These two men are living legends of wrestling and have been involved in some of the most famous wrestling matches of the last 25 years.Im a fan of both these guys, when it comes to wrestlemania Shawn Michaels has THEE match of the night, its a master class. As for the Undertaker, well to me he is the man, my fave wrestler and to be honest he is no slouch in the ring at wrestlemania either.It's gonna be epic.

So tonight i get to remember what it was like watching wrestling as a four year old and for ONE match, wrestling gonna be fuckin real to me.

Oh, an ya gotta love the way wwe put promo packages together:


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