Saturday, December 5, 2009

at least I have chicken

From IGN

What was once thought to be impossible has become reality.

A Taiwanese player has become the first person in the world to complete all 986 achievements found in World of Warcraft, reports CVG.

"Little Gray" on the Wrathbringer server managed to killed 390,895 creatures and completed 5,906 quests in total, according to the WoW Armory website. As you would expect, however, there is one slight problem that should be noted.

The player has yet to earn the holiday achievement 'BB King' but due to a bug with an old PvP achievement, he managed to earn two points, giving him 986/986.

It's unclear as of now if one man completed this feat or if it were many. It's possible this account was shared amongst a group of skilled guild members.

I am kinda hoping this was a "guild" effort, because seriously, thats a pretty sad thing to brag about if your an individual.

Unless of course it was all done with the battle cry of :

Leeeroooyy Jennkinnnnsss!!!!!


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