Monday, June 29, 2009


Michael Jackson has died.... awwwww
An man who everyone figured was a weirdo kidde fiddler is now a deceased musical legend, a modern day Mozart, funny how death can change a whole planets opinion on you.

Or has it?

Media outlets around the world are breaking their balls trying to get "the big" jacko story.
In death as in life there are many many myths about MJ, starting with how he died, why he died, what to do with his remain (every thing from cryogenic freezing to being plastinated)

Every person who has spent more than 5 minutes in his company are selling there stories, trying to milk the Jacksons cow for one last suckle.

Michael was a talented artist, I will give him that, but he was also a very troubled individual.
Something that was not helped by his "entourage" who seemed to want to keep themselves in a lifestyle HE was accustomed to.

We will never really know the true stories about Michaels life as there will always be a minimum of 5 different versions to every thing.

Which is kinda sad really.

Talented people are often the most fucked up people you will meet, I think MJ was seriously fucked up, in his own head and by the way he was treated by the people closest to him.
So I'm gonna suggest, we try not to focus on the media circus of his life and just look at the musical legacy left behind. Even if your not a Jackson fan, there is probably one song you like, as song that makes you smile or brings back a happy memory and POSSIBLY even want to dance a little.

Now thats worth remembering.

Maybe its obvious to use this video, but i remember watching this video after 12 on channel 4, when it was 1st played. it scared the SHIT out of me... I was 5 at the time ok.


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