Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Rant

i posted this as a reply on a friends LJ about TWITTER, when i finished i thought, i might as well share with the rest of the class
I dont get twitter, in fact through BEBO I have twitter feed from my friends.... Jesus wept some are as boring as fuck, every hour there is an update... "is sat in car from college"... "cant find the remote".... "found remote under couch"...."is watching friends for the millionth time".... "is off to bed"


the pain of it all

we don't need to know these things, hell I don't need to know these things when I'm living with a person.

It seems to be blogging for idiots, idiots with mobile phones who can update any time and anywhere, because they feel SOMEHOW, their life is important enough that every aspect of it should be recorded for us to read about... I only want to read a step by step account of someone's life if the are doing something that I will never do, like climb mount Everest... well.. even that's gonna be repetitive..."started climbing..."took a break after 500ft"... "started to snow"... "is climbing again"... " i think i can see my house from here"

its too fucking much... there is a steady info stram coming from people... and what do we find... its a info drip.. and drips fucking annoy us if its their constantly, twitter is the internet version of Chinese water torture.



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