Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ireland In The 90's

My friend Darragh mentioned on Twitter last week he'd like to see Images That Capture The 90's , but for Ireland

So I thought I'd have a go, Not quiet all photo's, but I think this sums up the 90's in Ireland, for me anyways.

The Amount Of Irish TV Channels Doubled

The Trip To Tipp

Electric Eddie & The Roadcaster:

Everyone Had Pop Swatch Watches

Your Bicycle Was Covered In Kellogs Reflectors

Irish Music Become More Than JUST U2.

People Thought Linedancing Was Fun To Do *

*Yes that IS Colin Farrell

RTE 2 Had A Different Name

Cheering your school on when the appear on Blackboard Jungle (My school were shit both times they appeared)

Getting up on a Sunday morning to watch the radio on the TV


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