Monday, April 12, 2010

Victory of the Daleks


Trailer for next weeks show.

Daleks again? Does anyone else find when the Doctors greatest enemy keeps showing up every season (sometimes twice) only to be defeated every time, it takes away from the threat they supposedly impose?

As the Doctor himself said "They keep coming back while I lose everything"
I mean they have been wiped from existence on 3 different occasions, maybe its time to leave them dead for a few years. This is their 6th story in 5 years since new Who returned. In the old series it took 14 years to have last 6 Dalek stories.

Just don't over use something fantastic, That's all I'm saying.


Niall MacShiúrtáin said...

I agree Steve. Also I'm now wondering how Winston Churchill is able to employ the Daleks when the rich dude in Utah couldn't even identify the surviving Dalek in his basement with all the access to UNIT and Torchwood combined? He did say he had access right?

Steve said...

wibley wobley, timey wimey

Thats probably the answer

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