Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe you can hire..

The A-Team movie trailer has been leaked on line, view it while you can as it'll probably be gone by the end of the day.

1st thoughts, I like its..... I do.
Of course its not THE SAME, the over the top movie voice over guy doesn't work for the intro. Sould be closer to the voice over of the original.
I like Rampage Jackson as BA Bracus , however I do feel there is a lack of "bling"

I'm not going to have high hopes for this film, the A Team was one of those shows from my childhood that had ridiculous plots, tons of violence (yet in 5 series only 2 people ever were shot an killed) and was quentesential saturday afternoon viewing.

Will this be transfered to the big screen? no it cant be, because it would look daft. Its gonna be another part of my childhood eroded on the big screen...

oh well, least its not Michael Bay fucking it up this time


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