Monday, November 2, 2009

STOP! . . hoochie time

When he isn't scaring paranormal investigators or dressing up as Sweeny Todd, Ger ODonnell keeps busy by being the creative genius that is Gerodeo Music Video Productions.

I've posted Ger's work here before with the fantastic A Celebration By Mar video.

Well last week he finished work with another Irish artist called Hitman Lord, who has been hailed by Phantom F.M as "One to watch in 2009".

Apart from the fantastic music video, my other reason for posting this video here is because my good friend Ciara Peters makes an appearance as a very seductive temptress in the video.

How fucking fab does she look... She'll put the spring in Springfield, thats for sure... hahaha

Don't know bout you... but that's the sorta hotel i would stay in.


ger said...

hi steve how kind of you to post my vid you should have told me you were going to do it.

Steve said...

Then where would the surprise be?

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